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RIFT 3.0: Hotfix #6 11/12/14

by -Lukki-, 6 days ago

Official Rift Patch Notes on their forums:

RIFT 3.0: Hotfix #6 11/12/14

NA: 11/12/14 @ 7:30 AM PST
EU: 11/13/14 @ 1:00 AM GMT

* Autumn Harvest has been extended by a week! It now runs until 11:59 PM server time on November 19th!
* Minions: Autumn Harvest adventures now appear more often. Rejoice!

* Player buffs are now automatically recast when the player's mentor level changes. 
* Fixed auction house sorting on several dropped items.
* Fixed a rare issue with Soulwalk sometimes ending prematurely.

* The minions window has a new checkbox called "Auto-match Attributes". If checked, then whenever you select an Adventure, it will only show minions that have the attributes shown on the Adventure card.

* Abilities: Holy Champion, Fury of the Ascended and Anti-Planar Augmentation have been modified to function more like they did prior to the launch of Nightmare Tide.


* Fixed an issue where Benevolent Presence would stop functioning. 


* Fixed an issue where Rejuvenating Presence would stop causing Lucent Slash to spread Blazing Light. 


* Fixed an issue where the Bard passive gift was not awarding the bonus Base Health.


* Fixed an issue with Building Rage that was causing it to trigger Sweeping Blades.
* Fixed the passive on Decisive Strikes so that it now affects charges appropriately.

* Blessed Aegis: Now increases HP by 10% instead of 5%.
* Hardened Defenses: Now 5% resist per point and swaps places with Aggressive Guardian.

* Rancid Cleave: Damage is now augmented by the number of Reaver dots on the target.

* Accord of Power: Now increases block by 5% in addition to the Weapon Damage and Attack Power bonus.
* Destructive Forces: Fixed an issue where the bonus Attack Power percentage was not being calculated correctly. It is now a true 0.05/1.0/1.5% of your Attack Power.
* Devourer: Now increases damage reduction by 2% per point invested for all damage types.
* Devouring Shield: Cooldown has been reduced to 90s from 2m.
* Protective Shield: Now reduces damage taken by 6% per pact consumed. Max 5. Cooldown increased to 2m.
* Residual Absorption: Now passive and is 3% spell damage reduction per point invested.
* Rift Distortion: Now reduces all damage by 2% instead of just spell damage by 4%.
* Rift Shield: Now absorbs damage equal to 5% of your Max HP per pact consumed. Cooldown increased to 45s.
* Surging Touch: Now reduces damage when blocking by 1.5% per point invested instead of reducing spell damage.
* Unstable Void: Now increases HP by 10% instead of 5%.
* Void: Now reduces all damage taken by 3%.

* Low level players completing rifts and Instant Adventures in high level zones now gain less experience. 
* Failing Planar Fortress Events will now offer slightly better rewards.

* Fixed an issue with Nightmare Rifts sometimes creating unkillable, zombie players. 
* Achievements: All "Reach stage X" achievements are now given upon reaching the listed stage, rather than upon its completion.

* Quest: The Key to the City: The keys should now be delivered to Arlana Eshen at Ghar Station Rosh.
* The Nightmare Bandits in Shadow Scion can now be attacked by player pets. 

* Quest: Joy to the Fishes: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Young Bluetails to be untargetable.
* Quest: Biodegradable: This quest has been completely reworked.
* Raid Rift: Sea of Ladon: 
- Quogon's Arcani and Electro Demise abilities have become Nexus Demise, which can be removed by either Electro or Arcane shields.
- Quogon no longer casts Inhale or Spray.
- Reduced the damage of various abilities.
- Slibberjacks no longer cast Fang Spike.
- Nexus Rivos and Flokum no longer give experience.
- Reduced the damage of Nexus Cannons.
- Increased the cooldown of Turret Shot to 45 seconds.

* Quest: Akvan Underground: Now completes with Frekker, who should never be dead.
* Quest: Breaking the Ice: Now works correctly.
* Quest: Burnt Threads: Now requires 8 Fate Weavers to be incinerated instead of 7.
* Quest: Roll the Bones: The locator for the second step of this quest now points to the correct location.

* Several Expert Dungeon dropped items can now be traded to group mates within a 30 minute grace period.
* Achievement: Nightmare Coast: Conqueror: This achievement now has an item reward.
- Note: VFX 

* Achievement: Multi-Kill: Now requires you hit 7 NPCs instead of 8, making this achievement slightly less annoying.

* Bulf:
- Bulf's death will no longer enrage Jinoscoth.
- Bulf will no longer angrily chase after players who have wiped.
* Jinoscoth:
- It seems not even Jinoscoth is completely invulnerable to the cold...Frost Bulwark now takes 1.4 seconds to cast, up from 1.3 seconds.
- Ice Prism can no longer be intercepted by pets.
- Heat Seeking Ice no longer has the ability to hit Defiler beacons or other player pets.
- It is no longer possible to skip Jinoscoth and reach Izkinra.
* Izkinra:
- We have refactored the fight enrage timer slightly. The same enrage time is now divided among the different phases which gives a minimum time to complete each.
* Threngar:
- Threngar's achievements are now visible in the appropriate section.

* Fixed a bug where Nightmare Totek was not awarding achievements like he should.

* Achievement: The Rhen of Fate: Defeating all the bosses now grants this achievement.
* Unthralled Brutes are now faster on their feet.
* Finric:
- Fighting Finric no longer automatically removes stealth.
- Finric has gained the ability Far Strike, enabling him to pummel his target at a distance.
* Drekanoth of Fate:
- Fixed an issue that could cause the The Chains of Fate cast by the Drekanoth of Fate to not resolve properly.
- Fixed an issue that kept the Drekanoth of Fate from casting his Doom ability.
- Will now wait a few seconds after the last World Collapser is destroyed before casting Scorching Light.
- Chains of Fate can now only hit players twice within a three second period.
* Weyloz, Hidrac, Oonta:
- When one dies, they now stop pulsing the Comrades Near or Comrades Far AoE. However, the last boss standing will continue casting Comrades Near.
- When fighting these bosses, the Chosen of Iron and Stone debuffs are now removed when the fight resets, and not when the player exits combat.

* The level 65 version of Guns for Hire and Carnage: Ascended now grant Void Stones as rewards. 
* Players level 61 and above now gain more experience from PVP activities.

* Fixed a bug that would allow bows to drop for Clerics from Marauder Supply Crates.
* Fixed a typo in the item description of the Pelagic Powerstone. It now correctly lists that it gives 350 Spell Power instead of 325.

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