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Transferring back to Deepwood!!

by -Lukki-, 14 days ago

Ok Transcendites, after a solid vote in the poll, we've made the decision to transfer back home to Deepwood! In order to make sure everyone sees this we're scheduling the transfer for this coming Sunday at 4pm PST (Server Time).

The process is quite simple. The first thing that needs to happen is the guild getting transferred. On Sunday, I'll turn off the Tithe perk and empty the contents of the bank onto some alts. The bank has to be completely empty. I've done this a couple times now and have it down to an art. I take screenshots of each vault so everything goes back exactly where it was. After the bank is dry, I'll transfer Lukkii and the guild. After that's completed, you will all get a message that the guild has moved and to where, and you can transfer your character then accepting the prompts to follow the guild. Make sure you don't transfer BEFORE I transfer the guild!

For those of you that want to change your name, here's the details on how:

  1. Before the transfer, create a character on Deepwood with the same name you use currently. This will force you to change your character name after transfer as your existing name will be taken by the character you created.
  2. Before Sunday, flip over to Deepwood and reserve your new name ASAP. This will prevent anyone from taking it between now and Sunday. Yes, it's not likely that it would happen but better safe than sorry.
  3. Important: Right before you transfer on Sunday, delete the character with your new name. You obviously won't be able to use it if it's in use by a placeholder character!
  4. Also before you transfer and while logged into Rift, run /exportkeybindings and /exportui to export all of that jazz to files in your config folder.
  5. After transfer, run /importkeybindings and /importui.

For those of you that don't want to change your name or don't care:

  1. While logged into Rift, run /exportkeybindings and /exportui to export all of that jazz to files in your config folder.
  2. Transfer to Deepwood.
  3. After transfer, run /importkeybindings and /importui.


IMPORTANT: After you all transfer to Deepwood, you need to make sure and copy all of your configuration .LUA files from your Faeblight folder to your Deepwood folder. Follow these steps:

  1. Close out of Rift completely.
  2. Open My Documents\RIFT\Interface\Saved\<your_email_address>\Faeblight\<character_name>\SavedVariables
  3. Copy everything in that folder. Should be over a dozen or two .LUA files.
  4. Open My Documents\RIFT\Interface\Saved\<your_email_address>\Deepwood\<character_name>\SavedVariables
  5. Delete everything in that folder and paste in your old .LUA files.
  6. Open Rift back up and you're done!
  7. Repeat these steps for all of your other characters.


Please let me or Sosta know if you have any questions.

-Lukki (GM)

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RIFT 2.8: Hotfix #8 9/10/14

by -Lukki-, 20 days ago

Official Rift Patch Notes on their forums:

* Players who successfully purchase an item on the Auction House using a buy order will pay a commission, just like auctions.
* Partial purchases now handle partial deposit returns and partial fees. 
* Players who successfully purchase an item on the Auction House using a buy order will have their listing fee refunded to them. 
* For a more detailed explanation of how we've simplified the auction house, please check back tomorrow morning for a thread link!


* Greenscale: Fixed the bug causing Greenscale to drop less than his appropriate 3 souls.

* Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to move/rotate certain dimension items.

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