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Welcome to the official home page of the Transcended Guild on Deepwood!

We're becoming a well established PvE progression guild! Currently, we're farming TDQ/IDH and working on building our ranks to work towards hitting the 20man and T2 content. Aside from that, we have many players that enjoy and actively engage in PvP, open world, Warfronts and Conquest. Several of our players are already P70+ and even P80+. We're a friendly, helpful and social bunch that have the same goals and are driven towards success!
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Rift 2.6: Hotfix #16 NA @ 4/18/14 8:00 AM PDT

by -Lukki-, 5 days ago

Official Rift Patch notes on their forums:


RIFT 2.6: Hotfix #16 4/18/14

Note: EU will get this update before NA. NA does not get this update until tomorrow morning.

* The hit and toughness tooltips now display Storm Legion Raid 3 requirements, and no longer display classic requirements.

* Fixed issues with the following trinkets not obeying PVP damage/heal/absorb reductions: 
- Warlord's Shielding Apparatus
- Myrmidon's Shielding Apparatus
- Shield of the Awakened
- Reawakened Shield
- Reawakened Shielding Apparatus
- Expanse of the Crashing Seas
- Shield of Static Wind
- Empowered Shield of Static Wind
- Empowered Holy Shield of Static Wind
- Twyl's Facade
- Empowered: Twyl's Façade

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Rift 2.6: Hotfix #15 NA @ 4/17/14 8:00 AM PDT

by -Lukki-, 8 days ago

Official Rift Patch Notes on their forums:


RIFT 2.6: Hotfix #15 4/17/14

Note: EU will get this update bundled together with Hotfix #14. NA does not get this update until the morning of 4/17.

* Fixed hit on Raid 2 Store weapons – the Despoiler weapons have 78 hit for 1h and 156 hit for 2h.

* PvP equipment from the Depleted Supply Crate now works as intended in Warfronts and Conquest.
* Increased the power of Warlord Essences dropped from Depleted Supply Crates.

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