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Welcome to the official home page of the Transcended Guild on Deepwood!

We're becoming a well established PvE progression guild! Currently, we're farming TDQ/IDH and now doing progression raiding on FT, soon after EE then T2 content. Aside from that, we have many players that enjoy and actively engage in PvP, open world, Warfronts and Conquest. Several of our players are already P70+ and even P80+. We're a friendly, helpful and social bunch that have the same goals and are driven towards success!
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Rift 2.7: Hotfix #14 7/16/14

by Githil, 7 days ago

RIFT 2.7: HOTFIX #14 7/16/14

NA: 7/16/14 @ 7:30 AM PDT
EU: 7/17/14 @ 1 AM GMT

* Daryl now offers a new quest for those that have completed the quest Capture: Them All! The new quest, Capture: The Prize includes the rewards players should have received for completing Capture: Them All.
* Summer Sunfish are no longer soulbound.
* Dark Ice Mage Tank essences and necklaces now drop from the Summerfest Party Basket.
* The Dead Dance Revolution achievement now functions appropriately.

* Fixed the chat console sometimes cutting off sentences.
* Restored some visual effects used to mark flag/crystal/rune vessel carriers in Warfronts.
* RIFT Connect no longer supports Facebook.


* NEW PASSIVE: Bonus Rewards: This replaces the old Patron buffs, and increases Experience, Favor, Notoriety, Prestige and Token values by 40%!
* NEW PASSIVE: Mounted Command: This replaces the old Patron Mount Boost, and provides the following bonuses:
- Increases mounted speed by 10%.
- Reduces the time to mount by 25%.
- Reduces the chance to be dismounted by 5%.
* NEW PASSIVE: Marvelous Luck: Increases the chance of receiving Marvelous loot from Supply Crates.
* NEW PASSIVE: Patron Focus:
- Reduces the cast time of Call of the Ascended by 10 seconds.
- Reduces the cooldown of the following planar abilities by 15 minutes:
* Archaic Tablet
* Charged Mirror
* Consuming Flame
* Petrified Rune
* Renewing Seed
* Soul Crystal
* NEW ABILITY: Patron Fast Pass: Allows an Ascended remote access to the Porticulum once ever 30 minutes.
* All passive Patron abilities are now visible in the Patron ability tab!



* Deadly Shards: Now in tier 8 of the Arbiter soul tree.
* Protection of Wind: Now in tier 6 of the Arbiter soul tree.

* This update is large, and nearly a complete rebuild of the soul!
* Most talents and abilities have been changed or removed, and new ones have been added. Major differences include:
- Hypothermia: Has been removed.
- Electrified: Now stacks on the caster and not the enemy.
- In general, Air abilities will generate Charge while Water abilities will consume it.
* All soul presets that included Stormcaller in their builds have been updated.
* Points spent in the soul are not being reset, however, some points may be refunded if they were spent in a talent that had its number of ranks reduced.
* For a detailed list of what is part of the soul now and what has been removed please check out this thread by Kervik!


* Furious Rage, Staggering Rage:
Fixed an issue where the interruption effect could stay on the character indefinitely.

* Zone Event: Bloodfire Behemoth: Amon T'Drok is now less talkative during battle.

* Quest: Stone Cold Survivors: This quest should now complete MUCH more reliably.
* Quest: The Source of the Problem: Wrested a Mine Cart of Infinite Sourcestone from the grasp of the Golden Maw. (Thanks to Jhonkeiver and Lerogue from Seastone!)


* Fixed an issue that could cause Maelforge to become stuck in situations with server latency spikes.
* Asias now correctly applies his reset for Life's Rapture.
* Corrected the tooltip for Burning Pyronite to correctly display a range of 40m instead of 30m.
* Magcilian will no longer cast Dire Flames without a target in range, or immediately after Lava Tether.

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