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Welcome to the official home page of the Transcended Guild on Deepwood!

We're becoming a well established PvE progression guild! Currently, we're farming TDQ/IDH and working on building our ranks to work towards hitting the 20man and T2 content. Aside from that, we have many players that enjoy and actively engage in PvP, open world, Warfronts and Conquest. Several of our players are already P70+ and even P80+. We're a friendly, helpful and social bunch that have the same goals and are driven towards success!
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Rift 2.6: Hotfix #15 NA @ 4/17/14 8:00 AM PDT

by -Lukki-, 3 days ago

Official Rift Patch Notes on their forums:


RIFT 2.6: Hotfix #15 4/17/14

Note: EU will get this update bundled together with Hotfix #14. NA does not get this update until the morning of 4/17.

* Fixed hit on Raid 2 Store weapons – the Despoiler weapons have 78 hit for 1h and 156 hit for 2h.

* PvP equipment from the Depleted Supply Crate now works as intended in Warfronts and Conquest.
* Increased the power of Warlord Essences dropped from Depleted Supply Crates.

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Rift 2.6: Hotfix #14 NA @ 4/16/14 8:00 AM PDT

by -Lukki-, 4 days ago

See Official Rift Patch Notes on their forum:


 RIFT 2.6: Hotfix #14 4/16/14


Travel back in time to aid legendary heroes in their quest to imprison The Blood Storm. Delve once more into Greenscale's Lair and the depths of Hammerknell-- but first, be sure to gather your fellow Ascended, as mysterious and powerful forces seek to ensure that Telara's fate is rewritten.

* The following older, outdated dungeon-related currencies can no longer be earned in-game:
- Plaque of Achievement
- Mark of Ascension
- Greater Mark of Ascension
- Infernal Mark of Ascension
* In the future, a currency conversion will be applied to remove the above currencies from your inventories.
* Any gear that could be purchased with any of the above currencies is no longer available on the Store.
* The amount of bonus power granted to players with high tier equipment while mentoring has been reduced.

* Depleted Supply Crates are now available on the Store! These are new, PVP centric lockboxes that can be purchased with either Warlord's Marks or Credits. 
* As a new tier of raid gear has been released, raid 2 armor and weapons are now available for credits on the Store under Equipment>Bundles!
* As tier 2 raid gear is now on the Store, the credit price of raid 1 armor and weapons has been reduced.



* Cadence: Increased damage by 10%.
* Verse of Agony: Increased damage by 20%.
* Cadenza: Increased damage by 20%.
* Riff: Increased damage by 20%.
* Power Chord: Increased damage by 40%.
* Coda of Wrath: Increased damage by 50%.
* Coda of Fury: Increased damage by 50%.
* Virtuoso: Now has a 2 minute cooldown.
* Virtuoso: Removed a slight delay before the effect goes off due to the issues it was causing with Rogues spending their combo points.

* Twin Shot: Fixed an issue that caused it to stack oddly when used by multiple Rangers.
* Twin Shot: Increased damage by 26%
* Ace Shot: Increased damage by 15%

* Keep an eye out for Unstable Artifact Thieves during the Unstable zone events! If you can figure out a way to catch them you might get some of their ill-gotten gains. 
* You now have an additional 60 seconds during Stage 4 of the Apothecary Rifts to complete the objectives.

* Bloodfire Stronghold: Fixed a bug with Charr'Denor that caused the NPC not to reset correctly when fighting the LV30 version.
* Bloodfire Stronghold: Fixed a bug with Renak Ladne that was preventing Roaring Flame from resetting if players wiped to the encounter.
* The issue with NPCs spawning at the incorrect level during the Bloodfire Army zone event in Silverwood has been fixed. 

* When entering edit mode in a dimension, if you have a PVP scoreboard in your quest tracker, the quest tracker will no longer be automatically hidden.
* Fixed the minimap for the Castle Fortune dimension.

* Token Tablets and Patron Token Bonuses now affect the gain of Frozen Eclipse Stones, as the new top level currency, Fragments of the Ward, has been introduced.
* Upgrade paths have been added to the following items, which will allow them to become Raid 2 equivalents: 
- Defense of the Dusk
- Band of Darkest Dawn
- Signet of Rolling Thunder
- Ring of the West Wind
- Band of Deft Deflection
- Ring of the Raging Storm
- Spiked Bone Loop

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